MLI helps hundreds of children who have been hurt by landmines every year. Help us give injured children hope for the future!Learn How

    Children are often the unfortunate victims of landmines. MLI works hard to find injured youth and provide them with prosthetics and new hope for the future. Learn More

    MLI provides vocational training to hundreds of mine victims, helping them gain employment and provide for their families. Learn More

    MLI's Mine Detection Dogs searched more than 1,500 acres of mine-affected land in 2013-2014! Learn More

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    Mine Detection Dogs are saving and impacting thousands of lives each year. MLI has donated more than 200 of these amazing dogs to 11 war-torn countries. Learn More

Donates highly trained landmine detection dogs to mine-affected countries and trains local handlers to safely use these dogs to find landmines. MLI has never lost a dog to a landmine injury.

Learn More

Children Against Mines Program is an educational outreach program that engages students in the global effort to rid the world of landmines. Learn More

Provides prostheses and rehabilitative care to people, particularly children, who have been injured by landmines, and vocational training to restore dignity and hope. Learn More

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