USMA ’70 MDD Campaign

80 classmates contribute towards USMA ’70 MDD campaign

Mine Detection Dog sponsored by the United States Military Academy Class of 1970 classmates

In January 2016, several USMA ’70 classmates committed to sponsor   and name – a life-saving Mine Detection Dog (MDD) in honor of 4 classmates who died in Vietnam.  With classmates no longer on active duty, this dog will represent the class and continue the good fight by “sniffing out” landmines, IEDs and other dangerous explosives that maim & kill hourly, paralyze communities and deny access to needed resources.

The cost to acquire, train, certify and deliver a mine detection dog to a beneficiary country is $25,000.  We are pleased to announce that 80 USMA ’70 classmates have contributed to the campaign to raise the full amount! Thank-you to all classmates who have joined this humanitarian cause to have a class representative with paws on the ground to save & improve lives well into the 2020’s. The MDD (pictured above) is currently training at the Global Training Academy (GTA) in Texas and will be delivered by the GTA trainer to a mine-affected country as early as this August. The trainer will bond the dog with a local handler, and train the man-dog team to safely and effectively “sniff out” landmines and other dangerous explosives in accordance with International Mine-Action Standards. Once the team successfully completes certification testing, our Class Dog will begin his lifesaving work in the field, which typically will be for six to eight years, before retirement in a caring, loving home. We can expect our hero dog to search in excess of 1,000m2/day, and up to 2,000,000m2 (roughly 500 acres) during its working life, making this land available for safe and productive use, thereby saving countless lives and enhancing the livelihoods of tens of thousands of innocent men, women & children.

Thank you for helping to keep a class representative in the field to make a better and safer world for children to play, people to work and communities to grow without the fear of landmines.