CHAMPS CT To Sponsor 13th Life-Saving Dog!

MLI’s President and CEO, Perry Baltimore, and the Vice President of Children’s Programs, Kimberly McCasland, traveled to Greenwich, Connecticut, in early November to engage students, teachers, and community members, and to share information about the ongoing landmine crisis around the world. MLI’s Children Against Mines Program (CHAMPS) is an educational outreach program that engages students in the global effort to rid the world of landmines. The program raises awareness about landmines and gives students the chance to fundraise and sponsor their very own Mine Detection Dog (MDD). Students within the U.S. also connect with students in mine-affected countries to promote global citizenship and cultural exchange.  To date, children throughout the United States have raised funds to sponsor 38 life-saving MDDs and have helped dozens of landmine survivors, providing them with critically needed medical care and prosthetic limbs.

In Connecticut, twenty-eight schools are actively involved in CHAMPS, and CHAMPS CT Chair, Ms. Betsy Parkinson, works tirelessly to bring CHAMPS back to Connecticut each year – an endeavor that has sponsored 12 lifesaving Mine Detection Dogs and helped dozens of landmine survivors in  Afghanistan, Bosnia Herzegovina, Iraq, and Yemen. The children, parents, and teachers in and around Greenwich are currently working to sponsor their 13th dog! Their most recently sponsored dog, MDD Nibs, was named in honor of a beloved school Principal, Mr. Andrew Niblock. MDD Nibs is now working in Sri Lanka, “sniffing out” landmines and saving lives, thanks to the hard work and dedication of the wonderful children of Connecticut.