WELCOME!  If you are a student, teacher, school administrator, or someone interested in learning more about how you or a young person in your life can get involved in the Children Against Mines Program (CHAMPS), you are in the right place!

Through CHAMPS, MLI’s staff visit schools and community groups around the U.S. to teach students and young people about landmines and their effects on people in other countries. Through simulated minefield demonstrations with MLI’s “canine ambassador,” MDD Senna, you can witness how Mine Detection Dogs (MDDs) restore safety by “sniffing out” landmines!

Youth then initiate their own CHAMPS campaign to raise money and sponsor their very own MDD.  It’s very difficult to train a mine detection dog and costs $20,000 to fully cover the training, transportation, and integration of a dog into a demining organization in a mine-affected country.  Despite the challenges of raising so much money, youth have sponsored 33 life-saving mine detection dogs through CHAMPS, and there are another 7 campaigns that are ongoing!  When kids have raised the money to sponsor their dog, they are able to choose a name for their dog, and MLI staff will provide regular reports, pictures, and videos about their dog’s progress so that they are able to see the positive impact their MDD is having on the world.  Finally, each CHAMPS dog has its very own Trading Card that students can collect!

In its working life, these are dogs are able to search approximately 2 MILLION square meters of mine affected land, saving countless lives and enabling people to walk their land in safety.  Students from around the United States have sponsored dogs like MDD Texas, MDD Connecticut, MDD Granite, MDD Rachel, MDD Country, and many MANY more!  Click here to see all of the amazing CHAMPS dogs that are working to save lives!

Through CHAMPS, MLI also connects students with schools in mine-affected countries to promote global citizenship and cultural exchange. Through monthly video conferences, students are not only able to learn about each other, but the children in the mine affected countries identify young landmine survivors in their community that students in the U.S. then raise money to support, providing them with prosthetic limbs that allow them to walk, play and run, despite their terrible injuries.

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