How to Help

We are working towards eliminating the evils that landmines inflict upon innocent people, animals and communities. Please help; your support will help people help themselves. We have provided several easy ways to donate or become involved.

Give the Gift of Freedom from Fear of Landmines

Help us help the men, women, and children living in war-torn countries to live free from the fear of landmines and other explosives. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation or choose a life-saving gift below, and dedicate it to someone you love! This is a wonderful way to tell your loved ones how your donation will support our work in countries like Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia Herzegovina, Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, and Yemen. Learn more here.


Join the Share-A-Dog Program

Mine Detection Dog Nutmeg is training in Lebanon

For just $21/month or an annual donation of $250, you can join the Share-A-Dog program and receive regular updates about one of MLI’s dogs! Each dollar you donate helps a mine detection dog search 400 square feet!  In just a month, these amazing MDDs are able to “sniff out” approximately 2 acres of mine-contaminated land, or 8,400 square meters,  so you will know that your donation is truly making a difference and saving livesLearn more here.

Fully Sponsor your own Mine Detection Dog

Mine Detection Dog Lago in Bosnia and Herzegovina

It costs $25,000 to purchase, train, and send a mine detection dog to a mine affected country.  Fully sponsoring a mine detection dog allows you to make an invaluable contribution towards removing landmines that threaten the lives, health, and peace of many communities around the world. You will receive regular updates and photos about your dog and you get to name him/her!  MLI also invites MDD sponsors to join us in visiting mine-affected countries each year so you can see your dog at work.  Please contact us for more information or Learn More here.


Child landmine survivor

Children injured by landmines face a life-time of struggles.  In many countries, the children who have lost limbs do not have access to the medical care, counseling, or prosthetic limbs they need to help them recover from this devastating tragedy.  Many are unable to continue attending school and face seemingly insurmountable challenges in a life that would have been difficult under the best of circumstances.  You can help a child receive the physical and psychological treatment needed to move forward by supporting our Survivors’ Assistance program. Help a Landmine Survivor Recover Today!

Start CHAMPS at your School

CHAMPS kids together with MLI's canine ambassador

 Learn more about CHAMPS and how to start a program at your school. Visit our CHAMPS Kids page or contact CHAMPS directly.



Volunteer picture for website

We always need help alerting others about the landmine epidemic. There are many volunteer opportunities, so please contact us to find out how you can help! Learn More




Internship opportunities

We are looking for a Development and Communications Intern who can work closely with our Development department for 20 hours per week between 10am – 5pm, M-F, from early/late May, 2018 through mid-August, 2018.

This internship is an excellent opportunity for students and recent graduates who are interested in international non-profits, marketing, communications, and/or fundraising to learn:

*Communications and development experience

*Event-management experience

*Hands-on participation in a small but efficient and busy fundraising department

*Unique insight into organizational structure and current events and issues related to an international humanitarian nonprofit organization

*Exposure to a wide range of staff positions and opportunities within a non-profit setting

We are accepting applications on a rolling basis. Download the full description here and send your CV, cover letter, and writing sample to

Donor Privacy Policy

MLI holds the privacy of its users and donors in the utmost respect. We are committed to providing users with a safe, secure environment in which to provide personal information. Please read our Donor Privacy Policy so you can stay informed on what information we collect and how we may use it. 


MLI would like thank all of our generous donors and supporters.  Because of you we are closer to ending the landmine epidemic.




Because of your support MLI has purchased, trained, and donated more than 240 Mine Detection Dogs (MDDs) to mine-affected countries. Learn about MLI's Share-A-Dog program and how you can help!


With your support MLI has trained and donated 37 dogs to Bosnia and Herzegovina, where they are "sniffing out" landmines and saving lives.


In Iraq, 70% of all victims are children injured or killed when traveling to school, playing, or working to contribute to family income. Help protect a child.


All donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Help us rid the world of the landmine epidemic.


Landmines have killed or maimed more people than nuclear, chemical and biological weapons combined. However, this man-made epidemic can be reversed in our lifetime. Help make landmines a thing of the past.


Generous, private Americans have sponsored more than 240 life-saving Mine Detection Dogs (MDDs), and these dogs have searched tens of thousands of acres of mine affected land in 11 countries!


Because of your support MLI has purchased, trained, and donated more than 240 Mine Detection Dogs (MDDs). Last year, our active dogs searched thousands of acres of mine-contaminated land! Join our Share-A-Dog program and help us donate more of these life-saving animals.