Join the Share-A-Dog Program Today!

Joining the MLI Share-A-Dog program is a great way to get insight into our work and make a real impact.  For just $21 per month or a one-time donation of $250, you can save countless lives and help sponsor a Mine Detection Dog (MDD) who can search more than 2 acres of mine-contaminated land in a single month!
Join the MLI Share-A-Dog program and you will receive:

1.     Introductory letter about one of MLI’s life-saving dogs
2.     Photos of the MDD and interesting facts about mine detection dogs
3.    Quarterly reports (via email or snail mail, depending on your preference) on the life-saving work the featured MDD is doing around the world

To join the Share-A-Dog program, simply click on any of MLI’s green donate buttons and then hit “Pledge” after you have been directed to the donation page.  Thank you for your support!

Make your Share-A-Dog adoption a gift: Simply provide the name and email address of your gift recipient and they will receive all materials directly.  Click on the Make a Donation button to join the Share-A-Dog program today!

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You may also donate by check or cash.  Simply indicate that you would like to join the Share-A-Dog program and mail your payment of either a one-time $250 payment or a monthly payment of $21 to: The Marshall Legacy Institute, 2425 Wilson Blvd., Suite 240, Arlington, VA 22201

Thank you for your support!

MDD Roki in training