Meet Nutmeg!

MDD Nutmeg is MLI’s new Canine Ambassador!


MDD Nutmeg is MLI’s new CHAMPS Canine Ambassador! A gorgeous and very fluffy long-haired German Shepherd, Nutmeg “sniffed out” landmines in Lebanon for 8 years before retiring in February 2016! She helped search nearly 200 acres of heavily mined land, saving countless lives and returning the land to the people so they could safely use it. Today she lives with MLI’s CHAMPS team, where she loves watching Animal Planet (her favorite show is Pitbulls and Parolees!) and hanging out with CHAMPS Assistant, Rachel.

If you’re interested in having MDD Nutmeg visit your school so you can learn more about CHAMPS, send us a message or call 703-243-9200. We are currently scheduling school visits for the Fall of 2016, so contact us today to sign your school up for a visit!