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In Memoriam: General Jack N. Merritt – February 2018

MLI is deeply saddened by the passing of General Jack N. Merritt, US Army (Ret.). General Merritt served as the Chairman of the Marshall Legacy Institute from the founding of the organization in 1997 until 2003, and served as Chairman of MLI’s International Advisory Board until his passing in 2018.

Please read General Merritt’s obituary on The Washington Post and on The Oklahoman.

MLI thanks General Merritt’s family for dedicating memorial contributions to our humanitarian cause of freeing the world of the horrific scourge of landmines. All donations will be used to sponsor a highly trained mine detection dog to be named by the family to “sniff out” mines, save lives and improve livelihoods in memory of Jack Merritt, whose life’s work was dedicated to peace & security, and making the world a better and safer place for all. Make a donation in honor of General Merritt here.

CHAMPS Connecticut launches 12th annual campaign – April 2017

MLI’s President and CEO, Perry Baltimore, and the Vice President of Children’s Programs, Kimberly McCasland, traveled to Greenwich, Connecticut, in early April to launch CHAMPS Connecticut’s 12th annual campaign. The Team travels each spring and fall to beautiful Connecticut to engage students, teachers, and community members, and to share information about the ongoing landmine crisis around the world. Read more here.

MLI wins grant for NEW Iraq project – April 2017

We are pleased to announce that MLI, in partnership with the AMAR Foundation, has received a grant from the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad to conduct the Network for the Economic Empowerment of Women in Iraq (NEW Iraq) project in southern Iraq to empower female heads of household through a year-long mentoring program. We are currently looking for female Iraqi or Arabic-speaking business owners in the U.S. to participate in the program as mentors. Read more here.

Mine Awareness Day – April 2017

CHAMPS Bosnia celebrates Mine Awareness Day, marking the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s landmark campaign against landmines. Read article.



Because of your support MLI has purchased, trained, and donated more than 228 Mine Detection Dogs (MDDs) to mine-affected countries. Learn about MLI's Share-A-Dog program and how you can help!


With your support MLI has trained and donated 37 dogs to Bosnia and Herzegovina, where they are "sniffing out" landmines and saving lives.


In Iraq, 70% of all victims are children injured or killed when traveling to school, playing, or working to contribute to family income. Help protect a child.


All donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Help us rid the world of the landmine epidemic.


Landmines have killed or maimed more people than nuclear, chemical and biological weapons combined. However, this man-made epidemic can be reversed in our lifetime. Help make landmines a thing of the past.


Generous, private Americans have sponsored more than 228 life-saving Mine Detection Dogs (MDDs), and these dogs have searched tens of thousands of acres of mine affected land in 11 countries!


Because of your support MLI has purchased, trained, and donated more than 228 Mine Detection Dogs (MDDs). In 2016-2017, our active dogs searched thousands of acres of mine-contaminated land! Join our Share-A-Dog program and help us donate more of these life-saving animals.