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MLI believes in targeted, effective programs that remove landmines and restore hope, alleviate suffering, and nurture stability in war-torn countries. MLI programs are a collaborative effort between the people of the United States and the country involved – check out our Where We Work page to read more about country-specific projects.

MDDPP Social Impact
MDDPP Women's Empowerment
Survivors' Assistance Inter-religious Reconciliation
CHAMPS Leadership Development

Mine Action Programs

The deadly legacy of landmines remains long after wars are over. Mines and explosives pose a constant threat to stability and safety to people in mine-contaminated countries. MLI’s Mine Action Programs emphasize the importance of helping countries help themselves to overcome the physical, social, and economic burden of these hidden killers. MLI is the only organization in the world that builds indigenous demining capacity by donating highly trained Mine Detection Dogs (MDDs) and then training local handlers to safely and effectively employ the MDDs in national landmine clearance programs through our Mine Detection Dog Partnership Program (MDDPP).

There are hundreds of thousands of people who have already been injured by landmines, and approximately 5,000 additional men, women, and children are hurt each year by mines and explosives. Therefore, the Survivors’ Assistance program began as a way to implement a variety of programs, including the provision of medical treatment and vocational training, that assist those who have been injured by landmines. In addition to directly helping mine-affected countries, MLI also focuses on raising awareness about the devastating effects of landmines among youth within the United States, while also encouraging their leadership skills, through the Children Against Mines Program (CHAMPS).

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Mine Action Programs

Social Impact Programs

MLI’s Social Impact Programs began as a way to assist communities in post-conflict countries live a more fulfilling life. They help to rebuild peace, promote leadership among youth, and put a strong emphasis on the empowerment of women and the improvement of their role in society. Our Inter-religious Reconciliation program was launched in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2014 as an expansion of CHAMPS, and it has fostered friendship and trust between youth within Bosnia’s three majority ethnic groups (Bosniak, Croat, and Serb). MLI is expanding this program to other post-conflict countries. In May, 2017, MLI expanded our Survivors’ Assistance program to establish Women’s Empowerment programs, which was launched with the implementation of a  program in southern Iraq for women. By providing vulnerable Iraqi women who are facing increased financial responsibility, due to the loss or severe injury of a male provider in their family, with the training, mentoring, and internship opportunities they need to enhance and develop job skills and employment opportunities, they will be in a significantly improved position to support themselves and their dependent family members.

Lastly, MLI is currently expanding our CHAMPS program to focus on high school students through a Leadership Development program called Peace Makers and Problem Solvers (PMPS). Through this program, MLI equips educators with tools and resources to implement a curriculum in their classrooms that focuses on leadership development and problem solving skills, and connects students in North America with students in conflict-impacted countries so young people work together to identify humanitarian issues and collaborate to work towards a solution.

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· Inter-religious Reconciliation
· Women’s Empowerment
· Leadership Development
Interethnic reconciliation in Bosnia


Because of your support MLI has purchased, trained, and donated more than 228 Mine Detection Dogs (MDDs) to mine-affected countries. Learn about MLI's Share-A-Dog program and how you can help!


With your support MLI has trained and donated 37 dogs to Bosnia and Herzegovina, where they are "sniffing out" landmines and saving lives.


In Iraq, 70% of all victims are children injured or killed when traveling to school, playing, or working to contribute to family income. Help protect a child.


All donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Help us rid the world of the landmine epidemic.


Landmines have killed or maimed more people than nuclear, chemical and biological weapons combined. However, this man-made epidemic can be reversed in our lifetime. Help make landmines a thing of the past.


Generous, private Americans have sponsored more than 228 life-saving Mine Detection Dogs (MDDs), and these dogs have searched tens of thousands of acres of mine affected land in 11 countries!


Because of your support MLI has purchased, trained, and donated more than 228 Mine Detection Dogs (MDDs). In 2016-2017, our active dogs searched thousands of acres of mine-contaminated land! Join our Share-A-Dog program and help us donate more of these life-saving animals.