Sponsor a Survivor

Why Sponsor a Survivor?

The destruction caused by landmines doesn’t end when the bomb detonates and the debris settles. Those who survive are left with life-altering injuries. Many landmine survivors cannot afford the treatment they need in order to move forward.

MLI’s Survivors’ Assistance program helps people, particularly children, who have been injured by mines by providing prostheses, rehabilitative treatment, vocational training in areas such as carpet weaving, embroidery and tailoring, and physicians’ training so doctors can become experts in the field of rehabilitation in their native, mine-affected countries. You can read more about survivors in specific countries and their stories here.

** (pictured to the left) Mohammad, a young boy in Yemen, lost his arms and eyesight in his left eye after accidentally picking up a landmine last year.  He was recently sponsored by the Laura J. Niles Foundation and the Parkinson family, and last month he received prosthetic arms and eye glasses.  Mohammad is incredibly excited to be able to have working arms again!  Read his “Word of Thanks” letter and see some new pictures of him sporting his new arms!

How You Can Help

Supporting MLI’s Survivors’ Assistance Program helps provide prosthetics, wheel chairs, crutches, medical treatment, vocational training and physical training to those affected by landmines.

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Learn More About This Program

To learn more about the Survivors’ Assistance program and how you can sponsor a recovery please email us info@marshall-legacy.org or call us 703-243-9200.

I’m Ready to Make  A Difference


Because of your support MLI has purchased, trained, and donated more than 240 Mine Detection Dogs (MDDs) to mine-affected countries. Learn about MLI's Share-A-Dog program and how you can help!


With your support MLI has trained and donated 37 dogs to Bosnia and Herzegovina, where they are "sniffing out" landmines and saving lives.


In Iraq, 70% of all victims are children injured or killed when traveling to school, playing, or working to contribute to family income. Help protect a child.


All donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Help us rid the world of the landmine epidemic.


Landmines have killed or maimed more people than nuclear, chemical and biological weapons combined. However, this man-made epidemic can be reversed in our lifetime. Help make landmines a thing of the past.


Generous, private Americans have sponsored more than 240 life-saving Mine Detection Dogs (MDDs), and these dogs have searched tens of thousands of acres of mine affected land in 11 countries!


Because of your support MLI has purchased, trained, and donated more than 240 Mine Detection Dogs (MDDs). Last year, our active dogs searched thousands of acres of mine-contaminated land! Join our Share-A-Dog program and help us donate more of these life-saving animals.