Ashwag Al Ma’Arashi

On April 5, 2005, Ashwag’s life changed forever. She had taken her family’s sheep to graze in the early afternoon when she suddenly stepped on a mine. “I felt something had happened to me but I did not know what it was.” Ashwag was taken to a small hospital in her district and when she gained consciousness, saw that she was without her right leg. She describes how she did not understand until she received care at the larger hospital that she had lost her right leg and injured her right hand.

Ashwag received treatment for six months in the hospital and all the while she could not stop thinking about how her life would continue without her right leg. Soon she joined the Yemen Association of Landmine Survivors (YALS) and hope was restored to her life. “There were now people who will give me hope to pass the difficulties of my disability.” She received a prosthetic right leg thanks to the CHAMPS International Program.