At twenty years old, Hasbullah’s hope for the future had been shattered at the same moment his body was, during a landmine incident in Afghanistan. Unable to finish school and lacking vocational skills to support his family, Hasbullah’s hope for the future was diminishing quickly.

Luckily, Akmal Ghafori, a CHAMPS Manager based in the Laghman Province, met Hasbullah while he was searching nearby villages for landmine survivors to help. Accompanied by dozens of CHAMPS Student Leaders, Akhmal shared what CHAMPS could offer to Hasbullah. He described how U.S. children work with their peers in Afghanistan to provide prosthetics and specialized job training to mine survivors just like him.

Akmal’s words renewed Hasbullah’s hope. Soon, the two new friends made five trips to a special hospital so that Hasbullah could be fitted with a custom prosthetic limb. Simultaneously, Hasbullah began intensive computer classes.

Now, a broad smile spreads across Hasbullah’s face when Akmal enters his shop to visit him. “I love my new leg, I feel like a whole man again.” Hasbullah used his new computer skills to start a small business. He downloads special ringtones for cell phones and sells computer accessories, supporting his family. “I’m so happy—my life is new again because of CHAMPS.”