Samar Mohamed Ali Kiwan

Samar is described as an outgoing, photogenic, and exceptionally intelligent 15 year-old girl. Every day after school she would herd her family’s goats to graze. On a day in 2007, in the same location where three years earlier her brother had lost his left leg and five years earlier her grandfather was killed, both by landmines. On this day, Samar stepped on a mine and lost her right leg.

Samar was taken to a hospital and her recovery was slow and difficult. She had two surgeries to remove many pieces of metal that remain from the mine that caused her injuries. However, she remained optimistic and in good spirits. During her time in the hospital Samar said, “I hope the surgery to be successful because there are no impossible things nowadays in the medicine and I will be able again to come back to that beautiful world surrounded by lots of flowers and love.” She received a prosthetic for her right leg through the CHAMPS International program.